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Business Partners

Business Partners

CIPCO prides itself in the development of successful business alliances and partnerships which have expanded over the years. These partnerships have proven successful in the long term strategic relationships in providing valuable resources and benefits to our member cooperatives as well as the continued success of the Cooperative.

Capital Management Associates, Inc. - (CMA) was formed in 1993 to manage the CMA Ventures, Inc. fund. The CMA professionals are experts at business valuation techniques and strategic planning. These specialists are knowledgeable in tax, finance and regulatory services for electric utilities. Strategic services also include investment portfolio management, financial modeling and forecasting, venture capital and funding assistance.


Iowa Area Development Group - (IADG) was organized in 1985 in cooperation with other Iowa generation and transmission cooperatives, rural electric cooperatives and over 40 electrical municipal systems across Iowa. IADG's purpose is to serve businesses interested in expanding or locating within the territories of these member-owned electric cooperatives and municipals by providing site selection services including data on sites, buildings and communities. With IADG’s assistance, investments in local businesses have totaled more than $5 billion and created more than 36,000 new jobs. Financial assistance resources which are made available for economic development projects include state incentive programs, USDA Rural Development funds and venture capital resources.

CMA Ventures - formerly known as Iowa Capital Corporation (ICC) a wholly owned subsidiary of CIPCO, was established as a private investments fund providing a source of risk capital for promising companies in Iowa. The primary goal is to generate positive return on its investments and provide resources available to grow Iowa entrepreneurial businesses. The focus has evolved on young technology companies involved in information technology, biotech, healthcare, telecommunications and scientific instrumentation located primarily in the Midwest. ICC’s philosophy is to allow a company’s management to run day-to-day operations while assisting with long-term strategies and policy through representation on boards or advisory groups.


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