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CIPCO is proud of the investments we have made for decades to increase the efficiency of our own utility operations as well as our activities to encourage member consumers to use energy more efficiently.  By keeping power costs lower for members who invest in energy efficiency, the goals of these programs are consistent with our ultimate purpose of providing reliable power to our member consumers at the lowest possible cost. 

CIPCO makes a variety of energy efficiency programs available to our member cooperatives.  The programs are selected and implemented by each cooperative at the local level to meet the needs and interests of their membership.  Often times, the local cooperative may offer additional programs to what CIPCO offers.  This provides the cooperative consumer a wide range of programs to use and benefit from.  CIPCO currently makes available 33 energy efficiency programs, which target residential member consumers as well as agricultural, commercial, institutional and industrial consumers.

Increasing energy efficiency throughout our system has been and continues to be a priority at CIPCO because we know everyone benefits.  To learn more about how you can use energy more efficiently, please select a category from the menu items to the left.

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