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Generation & Transmission

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At CIPCO, we have a responsibility to provide competitively priced electricity to our member owners. We believe energy policy must be based on a balanced, common-sense approach that ensures consistent, maintained, adequate levels of electric power supply and a reliable transmission system to move the power to the members' distribution points. In this pursuit, CIPCO maintains a portfolio of generation resources which emphasize ownership of production assets supplemented by market purchases.

As a state-of-the-art energy provider, we are meeting our members’ needs with a diverse fuel mix of coal, nuclear, hydro, wind, landfill gas generation, natural gas, and oil energy resources. We continue to invest in new technology and renewable energy production. By purchasing renewable energy, CIPCO enables its member systems to offer green energy options. Through these types of programs, CIPCO supports Iowa's development of renewable energy resources. Up to 95 percent of the power CIPCO provides to its members is generated in Iowa, and over 60 percent of our electricity is generated from carbon-free resources minimizing the impact to our environment.

In 2013 CIPCO finalized a purchase power agreement with Linn County Solid Waste Agency to purchase the entire output from a landfill gas-to-energy system.  The 1.6 megawatts of electricity is produced when the system collects methane created by decomposing trash at its landfill site and uses it to power an internal combustion engine that drives a generator to produce electricity.

CIPCO’s wholly-owned generating facility is the Summit Lake Generating Plant at Creston. Additional generation includes a percentage of ownership in NextEra Energy Duane Arnold, LLC at Palo, a nuclear-fueled facility and two coal-based plants located in Council Bluffs and Muscatine.

CIPCO partnered with NextEra Energy Resources (formerly FPL Energy) in purchasing 42 megawatts of wind energy from the Story County Wind Energy Center, located near Colo. Other wind resources have been purchased from the Hancock County Wind Energy Center, near Garner. The Elk Wind Farm near Greeley, began commercial operation in late 2011. CIPCO agreed to purchase the entire 41.25 megawatts of wind energy from this facility. Additionally, in November 2011, CIPCO signed a long-term power purchase agreement to buy the entire output from two new wind farms being constructed near the towns of Hawkeye and Grand Junction. These two projects began commercial operation in late 2012. The combined production of these two facilities is 86 megawatts of electricity. Pioneer Grove Wind Farm, located near Mechanicsville came online in late 2012. CIPCO’s power purchase agreement is for the entire output of this facility.   

Additionally CIPCO purchases small amounts of hydroelectric energy from the Western Area Power Administration and purchases capacity and interchange energy from other utilities.

CIPCO delivers power to approximately 298 member substation through contracted facilities and by operating the following CIPCO owned facilities: 

  • ​30 Transmission Substations 
  • 664.04 Miles of 34 kV Transmission Line
  • 892.08 Miles of 69 kV Transmission Line
  • 63.52   Miles of 115 kV Transmission Line
  • 211.17 Miles of 161 kV Transmission Line

Tools such as the Power Requirements Study, utilized by CIPCO and the member cooperative systems, annually forecasts the future electric demand and energy needs based on the individual requirement of each member. CIPCO staff offer technical and quality assistance to continually enhance the distribution systems that deliver energy solutions to the end user.


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