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The development of the Cooperative Action Network website is a tool for all electric cooperative members to join the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) Grassroots Advocacy team. Evolving from the Our Energy, Our Future campaign, the Cooperative Action Network, will continue its efforts to engage members in issues affecting our industry with a stronger E-Advocacy network and a grassroots plan that outlines the issues and provides opportunities for member input.

Some of the issues that continue to be at the forefront of discussions include capacity and fuel supply, climate change, technology, and affordability. A growing need for electricity continues, how will the future needs be met; technology, research and development is needed and is costly, what is being done in Congress to assist in funding this research to meet the nation’s climate policy goals; and how can the affordability of electricity be maintained and sustain a balance with the electricity needs and the environmental goals of the nation. Below is a short video featuring NRECA's CEO Jo Ann Emerson entitled "Powering the American Spirit."

The Cooperative Action Network simplifies the process by encouraging cooperative member-owners to take action on issues by making available many on-line tools. For more information follow this link at Cooperative Action Network and select the “Take Action” button to send a message.  





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