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Annual CPR training and certification offered for all CIPCO employees. 

The safety and health of CIPCO employees is of paramount importance.  From the executives to each person in the field, safety is a priority.  All employees participate in monthly safety meetings and continue to look for opportunities that will make the workplace safer.  Employees take great pride in the fact that injuries are few.  When injuries occur, they are thoroughly investigated and used as a learning opportunity for all. 

CIPCO also carefully examines close call/near miss incidents and utilizes an incident/injury prevention program called Stop-Think-Observe-Proceed (STOP).  The STOP program is designed to encourage employees to share examples of incidents when they have identified a hazard, the danger it posed, and what was done to eliminate it.

It is important that we keep informed on safety requirements and trends in our industry.  To help ensure this, CIPCO is an active member of the National Safety Council, Iowa-Illinois Safety Council, National Fire Protection Association, and the Iowa Electric Utility Safety and Training Association.   

We conduct facility inspections at our generation stations and conduct field observations of transmission operations work practices.  All of our efforts are designed to establish a work environment for our employees as safe as we can make it. The standard of performance is high, but CIPCO has repeatedly proven that we are up to the task. 

If you have any questions regarding our safety programs, please contact Rex Butler, Manager, Environmental & Safety at (319) 366-8011.

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