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Touchstone Energy

CIPCO is proud to be an active member of Touchstone Energy®. As a member, CIPCO and its member systems unite with preferred power providers nationwide. This alliance of 751 local consumer-owned utilities around the country collectively deliver power and energy solutions to more than 30 million members every day.

The future of the energy industry depends upon those with the vision, the message, and the means to reach every individual they serve. Touchstone Energy ® Cooperatives are among the forward-thinkers. As independent cooperatives, they are owned by the members they serve and are committed to providing reliable electricity at the lowest price possible. Touchstone Energy co-ops rank well ahead of their industry counterparts when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives are local, active members of their communities dedicated to serving commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential customers with integrity, accountability, innovation and commitment to community.

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